Council of Mayors | South East Queensland

The South East Queensland (SEQ) region represents a collaborative approach to economic development between the Mayors and Councils of the 11 areas that comprise the region. One united voice, leveraging the region’s natural and competitive advantages and providing support for those seeking to be part of one of Australia’s fastest growing regions. To facilitate this, the Council of Mayors (SEQ) provides support services to significant investors and sizeable businesses looking to relocate or establish a regional presence.


We bring together key stakeholders to streamline your research, due diligence and decision making processes. This includes relevant Councils’ town planning, economic development and investment attraction officers to establish prospective needs and identify possible solutions and tailored support.


We provide a single point of contact from which all stakeholders can be easily accessed and information compiled. Additionally, we can facilitate direct contact with the many points of contact you may wish to draw upon, from the research phase of your investment or business relocation, through the implementation/development phase and completion.

Investment Attraction Programs

Each of the 11 Councils within the SEQ region has developed independent investment attraction programs applicable to their respective Council area. These programs are aimed at providing support services and incentives and, in some cases, financial incentives to attract significant investment and relocation of sizeable businesses into the region.

Regulatory Assistance

Where regulatory barriers to investment or business relocation are identified, we have the expertise and networks to deal direct with regulatory authorities’ key personnel and pursue resolutions where possible. We also have the support of the 11 Mayors of the region, bringing a single united voice and an authority that opens doors and can facilitate appropriate priority attention at all levels of government.