Regional Profile

Council of Mayors | South East Queensland

Australia’s South East Queensland (SEQ) region is emerging as the nation’s new economic powerhouse and the jewel in the crown of Australia’s lifestyle, key industry and investment opportunities.

Covering an area of 35,248 square kilometres, the SEQ region stretches 240 km north-south and 140km east-west. Ten municipalities have combined to form the SEQ region.

These areas together boast a diversity of economic drivers and numerous national industry benchmarks, with a common thread of world class tourism which draws large and growing numbers of both domestic and international visitors to the region.

The SEQ landscape spans rural settings to bustling urban centres. It’s home to the natural beauty of some of Australia’s best beaches, as well as stunning mountain ranges, lush hinterland, vast waterways and an extensive river system. The region offers a clean, green environment, conducive to a balanced, productive and fulfilling lifestyle.